Self-Defense Nerve Centers and Pressure Points for Karate

Self-Defense Nerve Centers and Pressure Points for Karate, Jujitsu and Atemi-Waza

This is a book that describes all the vulnerable areas of the human body and how to hit them. Knowing your attacker's weak spots is just as important as knowing how to properly strike them. This is a book all martial artists should have in their library, but it isn't just for them only. This is a book that every person has to own.

The reason why this book is so great is that it is meant and written for the average person like you and me to understand. It talks about all the major weaknesses of the body and all the physical effects that will occur when hit with strikes of differing force. ITS GREAT.

The book is also loaded with a plethora of pictures and maps showing all the body's natural vulnerable areas.

Bruce Tegner is an excellent author. Mr. Tegner explains in detail the legal definition of what self-defense is and what it is not. He did a ton of reseach to make this book. For example, he debunks all the mythical "deadly blows" and he talks about how television shows and Hollywood have heavily distorted what actual self-defense is. This will seriously educate anyone about what real self-defense is.

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